The management of Optigép Ltd. considers ensuring the long term economical operation of the company and operate, certify and improve the quality management system according to the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 standard requirements, as a fundamental aim. 

During our work we make every effort to live up equally to society's, owner's, management's and colleague's expectations and the machines and equipments manufactured by the OPTIGÉP Ltd. meet the user, the lawful, and other statue requirements.

ISO-CERTIFICATEOver and above the successful management our important work is to retain the good position of the company on the market, continous improving of our operating conditions and along with these ensure the financial and intellectual growth of our colleagues.


We provide good and reliable quality products that satisfy  our customers demands. Our business philosophy is the customer focus. Our aim is to estabilish and operate a supplier network that supplies materials and services for the production in appropriate quality according to schedule.

All colleagues are obliged to get to know the goals drafted in the quality policy and work for reaching them according to their best knowledge and participate in improving the quality of the products and working conditions continously.

We regularly revise our drafted and declared quality policy from an aptitude point of view. We value the realization of the quality targets annually. 

We would like to estabilish our future by providing guaranteed quality continously, keeping our existing customers, fulfilment of the new customer demands and seeking new partners.