OptiCorn CS


OptiCorn CS corn headers

OptiCorn CS corn headers are appropriate for harvesting fully mature corn crops. "CS" refers to folding headers.


Mean features of the OptiCorn CS series corn headers:

  • Harvest and stalk chopping and spreading in one pass
  • Operational ease
  • Can be ordered for any combine type
  • Quick uncoupling without special tools
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Low operational costs
  • High field performance
  • Central electromechanical snapping plate adjustment
  • No daily maintenance on snapping roll bearings
  • Overload prevention through snapping unit safety switches
  • Working speed: 6-10 km/h


Headers are manufactured with 6 and 8 row versions with spacings of 70 and 76,2 cm.

Snapping rolls ensure efficient pull-down and make work of choppers more effective.

OptiCorn CS headers are strong structures with efficient performance and ease of maintenance.

The chopper pulls down the remains of the stalks as well as the weed, which is found among the rows and spreads the rubble on the stubble-field.

After the chopping 90% of the stalk remains are under the size of 6 cm.

OptiCorn CS headers are double-side driven from the combine feeder via two cardan shafts. 

The snapping units and the gathering auger are driven by chain. 

Auger and every snapping unit is prevented against overload by safety clutch.

The simple, durable drive-line, with built-in safety clutches means ease in maintenance with high technical reliability. 

All OptiCorn CS headers are equipped with coupling frames which provide quick coupling to any model of combine harvester. When placing an order, simply specify the make, model and year of your combine and we provide the appropriate coupling frame.




  • Stalk press
  • Extra side extension
  • Sunflower kit