OptiSun CS series


OptiSun CS sunflower headers are appropriate for harvesting fully mature sunflower. OptiSun CS headers are manufactured in 6 and 8 row versions with spacings of 70 and 76,2 cm. "CS" refers to folding headers.


Main features of the OptiSun CS series headers:
  • Low rate of harvest loss: 0,4-0,5% (valid for average harvesting conditions)
  • Operational ease
  • Can be ordered for any combine type
  • Quick uncoupling without special tools
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Low operational costs
  • Pluggin-free operation even at lodged down or weedy crop conditions
  • High field performance
  • Working speed: 8-10 km/h


Each row unit features a gathering chain providing smooth material flow to the rotary blade mechanism and clean cut of the sunflower stems.

Lightweight row dividers assembled with vibrating catch pans minimize shattering loss, furthermore provide smooth and uniform material flow to the gathering conveyor and the feeder house.

Low profile floating lifters minimize harvest loss even at lodged down crop conditions.

Side panels of the header work as excellent row dividers eliminating loss or fall-out of the sunflower heads from the header at the side rows.

Simple, durable drive line with built-in safety clutch results ease of maintenance and high technical reliability.

The headers are available with plastic lifters. Use of plastic lifters results smoother and more gentle lifting of the sunflower stalks/heads, furthermore provides avoidance of corrosion.

All OptiSun CS headers are equipped with coupling frames which provide quick coupling to any model of combine harvester. When placing an order, simply specify the make, model and year of your combine and we provide the appropriate coupling frame.